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How Can I Safely Print Sensitive Documents on a Shared Printer?


The office printer, much like the water cooler, tends to be a place where staff may congregate and linger. Especially during a busy workday, the company's printers may handle dozens or even hundreds of jobs. While adding more printers can reduce bottlenecks and keep documents flowing, it's not possible to assign a single printer to every employee. Some level of sharing the hardware must take place. The necessity of sharing and the high-traffic nature of the printer area creates some unique security challenges, especially in industries such as insurance that face strict privacy requirements.

Leaving sensitive information sitting in the printer tray visible to all passers-by is an unacceptable risk, but what can you do to mitigate that risk? With the right technology supported by robust PDF editors such as Kofax Power PDF, it is possible to create a better architecture for safe printing.

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The Importance of Secure Printing

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Use Secure Print Solutions to Require Authentication

Equipping Your Business With the Right Tools

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