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What Is OCR and How Does It Work in Kofax Software?

OCR Is A Powerful Technology to Streamline How Businesses Work

This technology developed over time and its early stages were nowhere near as powerful as it is today. The first instance of successful OCR software was used in finance and can still be seen today on bank checks. The distinctive font used for the account and routing number on checks is called OCR-A. It was designed to be clear and differentiate each letter and number from the others. As a result, computers could be taught to read a single font from an image.

While OCR-A represented a breakthrough, it was not robust or flexible. The next step was to break characters down into their component parts, which helps the computers identify different fonts and even handwriting contained within images. That development means companies can use OCR to scan and digitally sort through physical documents with the right software.

Today, the most advanced OCR software produces faithful transcriptions of most forms of handwriting and virtually any computer font. It also recognizes formatting elements such as columns. Modern OCR software can even differentiate between intentional text and accidental damage such as stains or spills on documents by using multiple colors.

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The Early Stages of OCR Software to Today

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Using OCR to Your Advantage

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