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Enrich Legal Team Capabilities with eSignature Technology

The signature remains one of the most powerful instruments in business and law. Its power brings contracts into force, terminates and creates new arrangements, and serves as a stamp of approval. Unfortunately, signatures are also a common source of process delays. Obsolete technologies such as the fax machine further complicate matters.

How can law offices and businesses speed up these processes? With the electronic signature capabilities built into Kofax Power PDF via SignDoc integration, it's possible to revolutionize the workday.

The Advantages of Electronic Signatures for Legal SMBs

Despite advancing technology, some professionals and clients still prefer wet-ink signatures, even when they introduce delays into a process. Why should your law office reduce the number of times you put pen to paper and transition to a PDF creator with built-in support for signatures?

  • Signing large amounts of paperwork becomes simpler. Why spend an hour or more initialing or signing dozens of pages when you could automate the process and finish in a few minutes instead?
  • Confirming the validity of a signature is an easy task with modern technology. Digital security certificates ensure that no one has tampered with the document or attempted to forge a digital signature.
  • Reduce turnaround times from days to hours or even minutes. Digitally signed documents sent via email or submitted to the cloud bypass slow physical mail processes and clunky fax technology.

Power PDF includes a variety of highly secure tools for signing PDFs electronically, delivering robust advantages.

Power PDF Integrates with Leading eSignature Technologies

With Kofax SignDoc, it takes only a few clicks to create a new digital signature or affix your signature to a document that requires approval. How have we made this process secure? With Power PDF, you can sign, request, and validate signatures all in one application.

  • Import digital certificates to make it simple for your software to identify which documents are trustworthy and which aren't legitimate. Create and share your own certificates so that others can validate the authenticity of the documents that you send them.
  • Create a PDF, such as a contract for legal services, and send it to a client or another intended recipient directly through the application. In just a few clicks, you can send a request for a signature that doesn't even cost you the price of a stamp.
  • Easily include security features such as password protection for additional peace of mind when sending sensitive documents off for a signature.

Add Cost-Effective Signature Tools to Your Business

Through a powerful PDF editing solution and integrated eSignature technology, reducing bottlenecks and speeding up the flow of work is within easy reach. Not only can such process improvements save your business money today, but cost-effective licensing options for Power PDF can also help you to make even more room in your budget. With one-time licensing fees, you can reduce your PDF creator costs by up to 70% compared to a three-year Adobe subscription.

Try Power PDF free for 15 days, then find out how to secure the license your team needs to Work Like Tomorrow™.

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